Past event – The Big Gay Sing Along – live on Zoom

Sing – Sing and dance – Just dance – Have a drink and listen to the music!

As we find ourselves in the midst of self-isolation, the Big Gay Sing Along is now online and free! I want to reach out and provide a free weekly singalong session, making it available to everyone. We’re all trapped in our homes and worried about the current situation. Singing is great for improving mental health and wellbeing! Let’s get lost for one hour in music, crack open a bottle and sing from the top of our lungs!

We’ll start off with a vocal warm-up, then straight to singing.

Lyrics will appear on your screen and music will be played directly to your computer / phone or tablet. You’ll be able to see, but not hear each other (latency doesn’t allow voices to be synced in perfect time). You can keep your camera on or turn it off, it’s completely up to you.

The Big Gay Sing Along Online will be held on Zoom: it’s free to download, safe and used by many businesses world wide. All informant on how to download Zoom can be found when you click to register your free place.

The Big Gay Sing Along is being hosted by Sing The Easy Way.

Date: every Friday evening
Time: 8:00pm to 9:00pm

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