Past event – What is Art? – Free Art Webinar with Andrew Spira – live on Zoom

Art Enthusiasts is an independent group of art professionals in London, who organise tours and workshops for adults and children aged 6+.

You are invited to join our free webinar talk about “What Is Art” with the former curator of the V&A and Programme Director at Christie’s Education – Andrew Spira.

What is art? Why do we talk about the ‘decorative’ and ‘applied’ and ‘fine’ arts? What do these differences mean and how did they come about? The word ‘decorative’ is usually associated with functional objects like teapots; but if such objects are functional, how can they be purely ‘decorative’? Is not a painting, which has no other function than to decorate a room, more ‘decorative’ than an object that is used? This informal session will look at the background to the development of the notions of ‘fine’, ‘decorative’ and ‘applied’ art, and will throw unexpected light on things we take for granted.

Find out more on the Facebook event page.

Date: Tuesday 5th May
Time: 6:00pm to 6:45pm

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