Past event – Data Science with Python: Summer Term – live on Zoom

We run robotics and coding classes, camps and clubs in the UK, for children aged 7 and above. Our goal at Code Kids is to make computer science hands-on, fun, relevant and educational.

This Python-based course is designed for confident coders aged 12 or over, looking to apply their programming knowledge to data science and machine learning. All of our courses must be booked in advance.

Students will be introduced to Interactive Python Notebooks, a tool used by professionals to write and present their code.

We will then look at the “Pandas” library, a useful tool that allows us easily to describe and manipulate large amounts of data. Throughout the course, we will be examining real life data sets, including modelling the recent COVID-19 pandemic!

We will then learn how to visualise our data by plotting graphs and spotting trends in the dataset. We’ll cover more useful libraries to add to our Data Science arsenal.

Finally, we will get a brief introduction to machine learning, the process of letting a computer recognise patterns and make predictions. In our case, this means recognising images that we give to it!

You can find out more on the event page.

Date: Thursdays and Saturdays until Saturday 4th July
(during half term break there will be no sessions: Monday 25th May to Sunday 31st May).
Thursdays – 6:45pm to 7:45pm
Saturdays – 3:45pm to 4:45pm

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